Exploring Different GST Calculation Methods and Their Applications

A Simple Guide – How to file gst registration clarification

What is gst registration ?

Any business organization that registers under the GST Law must get a special identification number from the relevant tax authorities in order to collect taxes on behalf of the government and claim input tax credits for the taxes paid on his inward supplies and gst registration

Is registration compulsory?

The document that must be registered according to the Act is described in Section 17. The are listed below:

Instrument for a gift of real estate; non-testamentary documents that claim to create, assign, declare, extinguish, or restrict any right, title, or interest in any real estate valued at $100 or more; or by recognizing receipt of or payment for any compensation for any of the aforementioned actions;

immovable property is leased for a duration longer than one year, or rent is paid annually;

contracts made on or after the effective date of this act that transfer immovable property for a consideration in accordance with Section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882.


Different types of gst registration

There are Four GST types namely

  1.  Integrated Goods and Services Tax
  2.  State Goods and Services Tax
  3.  Central Goods and Services Tax
  4.  Union Territory Goods and Services Tax 


What is GST clarification?

The Tax Official may ask for explanations from the taxpayer if the information you supplied in the Registration Application or the papers you attached does not satisfy the Tax Official. In such cases, the application’s status is changed to “Pending for Clarification.”

The proper official must dispose of the application in the manner outlined in sub-rule (2) after receiving the information or clarification in FORM GST REG-24 from the applicant. This must be done within thirty days of the date on which they were received.


How much time it take for GST approve?

Aadhaar-enabled businesses who register for the Goods and Services Tax will receive authorization in seven working days. The announcement states that a corporation would only be permitted to register for GST following a physical check of the business premises if it does not supply an Aadhaar number.

Who is liable for gst registration?

From a single state, he creates an interstate supply. Is he required to register? He must register if his total annual sales (for all of India) exceed Rs. 20 lacs (Rs. 10 lacs in Special Category States) or if he makes interstate deliveries.

 Apply for gst registration

Step 1: Go to the GST Portal

Step 2: Finish OTP Validation to Produce a TRN

Step 3: OTP Verification & TRN Generation

Step 4: TRN Generated

Step 5: Log in with TRN

Step 6: Click Business Information

Step 7: Click Promoter Information

Step 8: Click Authorized Signatory Information

Step 9: Principal Place of Business

Step 10: Additional Place of Business

Step 11: Details of Goods and Services

Step 12: Details of Bank Account

Step 13: Verification of Application

Step 14: ARN Generated

Documents required for gst registration 

PAN cards, evidence of business registration, identity, photo identification, and address proof for those in charge, evidence of the business’ address, and bank account statements are the principal paperwork required for GST registration.


In short, GST Registration is compulsory for every business or enterprise to supply goods and services in India. Registering for VAT was very easy as it only needed your banking details and a few other necessary info but GST is more complex as each state has its own set of requirements that you must abide by Therefore it’s a very good idea to get assistance from experts when you decide to register yourself under the GST regime.


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