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For transportation charges, what is the HSN code in India ?

  • How does the GST HSN code for transportation work?

This SAC code covers road transport services for goods such as letters, parcels, animals, furniture, containers, mail, and more by vehicles such as refrigerators, trucks, trailers, and man-powered or animal-driven vehicles.

  • For 18% GST, what is the HSN code?

GST Rate Items with HSN Codes 1107-3205. 06-Jan-2022

  • Does HSN code 8708 have a GST rate?


  • Transport GST rate: what is it?

Under this entry, GST @ 6% CGST (12% cumulative) is subject to the condition that goods transport charges hsn code agencies choosing to pay this central tax will have to pay this central tax on all services provided to them by GTAs subsequently.

  • Under GST, are transportation charges taxable?

It is the charge for transportation or carriage of goods that is known as freight charges. The GST rate on transportation charges can be carried out through land, air, or sea. As indicated above, the GST rate on freight charges is (1) 5% (no input tax credit), (2) 12% (with input tax credit).

On a GST invoice, how do I add transport charges?

Adding Transport Charges to GST Invoice in TallyPrime

  • The TallyPrime gateway is now open.
  • Please select a company.
  • In the Master section, click Create Ledger,
  • Once the ledger has been created, click Yes to save it.
  • Go to the back-end of TallyPrime and choose the Accounting Voucher option. 
  • For HSN code 9965, what is the GST rate?

Rates and conditions of GST:

  • How does transport support services work?

N.E.C. Operation Services For National Highways, State Highways, Expressways, Roads And Streets; Bridges And Tunnel Operations. Support Services For N.E.C. Road Transport Services Other Support Services For N.E.C. Water Transport Services

  • GST is 12% or 18%?

The service tax rate on loans and advances has now increased to 18% under GST. 22-Jul-2022.

  • Which HSN code does 28% GST have?

SGST / UTGST will be charged at 14% starting January 1, 2022. What is covered under 28% GST items? IGST will be charged at 28%, CGST at 14%, and SGST at 14%. Below is the list of goods that will be covered under 28% GST items.

  • What item has a GST rate of 28?

2022, 18 July

  • How much does GST on vehicles cost?

Almost 28 percent

  • Tractors are subject to GST at what rate?

18% GST tax rate

Taxes on tractors: what are they?

The rate of GST on tractors (except road tractors for semitrailers of engine capacity more than 1800 cc) as fixed by the GST council when GST was introduced in July 2017 is 12%05-Jan-2019.

  • What types of transport are GST-exempt?

Transport services on the road are exempt from GST except for services provided by GTAs and courier agencies. Anyone who provides a consignment note for goods delivery is considered a GTA. Mere bills are not consignment notes. As of 16-Jul-2021, GST is applicable to transportation services provided by the GTA on a RCM basis.

  • How does RCM work on transport?

Notification No. 5/2017- Central Tax dated 19/06/2017 exempts persons making only supplies of taxable goods/services on which the Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) applies from registering under GST. 22-Jul-2022

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