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Get Legal Metrology Certificate for Weights and Measures

Looking for import, manufacture or quilting enrollment for importing machines and thermometers, get the Legal Metrology enrollment . Vakilsearch provides legal metrology instrument services not just in one megacity or state, but the whole country.

Registration of weights & measures in the Indian legal metrology system

For the importers, manufacturers, or packers of importing and measuring products like weight machines and thermometers, it’s obligatory to gain a enrollment instrument from the Department of Legal Metrology.

Weighing and measuring registration services provided by Legal Metrology

For the legal metrology instrument for products used to measure weights and other confines, the following are the enrollments that are necessary for you to get.

Blessing for the Model

Before doing any kind of businessrelated to weights and measuring products, it’s important to get the blessing of the Department of Legal Metrology. Their blessing hinges on the factual parameters of your product, and that’s why you have to be biddable with the rules of Legal metrology if you ’re to get the license.

Packaged Commodity Registration

As per Rule 27 of Packaged Goods Rules, 2011, those who want to be part of the packaging assiduity for the importing and measuring of products must gain the package commodity enrollment .

Import License

A model can only be imported after it has been approved. still, you need to gain the alternate position of import license that only a legal Metrology department can give.

Dealership License

Suppose the importer significances the product and the dealer sells the product with the same name. In that case, the ultimate has to gain the Dealership License from the Legal metrology Department.

Product Stamping

still, the product must be stamped by the Legal metrology department first, If an existent has access to weight and measuring tools for particular uses that correspond of deals or products.

India’s eligibility criteria for legal metrology registration

To gain LMPC Registration, your operation and your product should misbehave to the LMPC rules

Documents needed for Legal Metrology Registration in India

Documents needed for Legal Metrology instrument

To gain the Legal Metrology Registration, you must give the following documents.

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Other business licenses pertaining to your business
  • A properly filled operation form
  • DD of the operation figure
  • Details you’re needed to input on the display pane of the package.

Process of carrying the Legal Metrology Registration in India

The process of carrying legal metrology enrollment in India is as follows

  • Get the operation form
  • Fill out the operation form
  • Submit the operation form with the needed documents
  • stay for the operation’s processing
  • gain the LMPC enrollment instrument

Verification and Stamping of Weights or Measures

  1. Any business reality having any weight or measure in his possession used by them in any sale or for protection must, before putting similar weight or measure into use, have them vindicated as the Controller may, by general or special order, specify on payment of freights as specified.
  2. The Central Government can define the weights and measures for which the verification will be done through the Government– approved Test Centre.
  3. The Government– approved Test Centre must be notified by the Government, in such a manner, on terms and conditions and payment of freights as specified.
  4. It is important that a government-approved test center appoints people with qualifications and experience. Also, they must collect the figure on terms and conditions to corroborate weights and measures specified under the LMPC Act.

Examination and Seizure of Weights and Measures

  • A Director may determine from any information that has been provided to him that any weights or measures in respect of which an offense punishable by this Act appears to have been committed are either kept in the demesne or are in the course of transportation
  1. Enter at any reasonable time into any demesne and search for and check any weight, measure, or other goods in relation to trade and commerce.
  2. Seize any weight, measure, or other goods and any record, register, or other document or composition that may furnish substantiation indicating that an offence has been committed during any trade and commerce.
  • The Director can also demand the product of every document relating to the weight or measure. So, the person with guardianship of similar weight or measure must misbehave with similar importunity.
  • When any goods seized are subject to speedy or natural decay, the Director can dispose of similar goods in a manner as specified by the Authority.
  • Every hunt or seizure made must be carried out in agreement with the vittles of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, relating to quests and seizures.

Offenses And Penalties

The LMPC instrument holder must be aware while running their business. The designee must cleave to the rules and regulations set forth by the Legal Metrology Department. Failing to do so, the LMPC designee will be charged with a violation and liable to pay a penalty figure. The following are some of the penalties that may be imposed for rules violations.

Penalties for the following

  • Use of non-standard weight or measure
  • revision of weight and measure
  • Manufacture or deals of non-standard weight or measure
  • Making any sale, deal, or contract in violation of the specified norms
  • Quoting or publishing, etc., of non-standard units
  • Deals in violation of standard weight or measure
  • Non-production of documents, etc
  • Failure to get model approved
  • Use of unverified weight or measure
  • trade or delivery of goods, etc., by non-standard weight or measure
  • Rendering services by non-standard weight, measure, or number
  • Selling,etc.,non-standard packages
  • Contravention by Government approved Test Centre
  • Weights and measures not registered by importers
  • Import of non-standard weight or measure
  • gumming Director, Controller, or legal metrology officer
  • Giving false information or false return
  • Vexatious hunt
  • Verification in violation of Act and rules
  • Counterfeiting seals
  • Manufacture of weight and measure without a license
  • form, trade, etc., of weight and measure without a license
  • Tampering with license
  • Compounding of offenses
  • Offenses by companies and power of the court to publish a name, place of business,etc., for companies condemned.

Our backing in getting the Legal Metrology Registration in India

Unlike the most ultramodern business enrollment process, the Legal metrology instrument online enrollment of weights and measures still requires offline and online processes. Our experts retain a deep understanding of both of them. They pool their coffers to

  • Fill out your operation.
  • Collect a sample of your product.
  • Submit the operation and associated documents to the Department.
  • Conduct a thorough follow- up to check up on the progress of the operation.

Throughout the thick and thin of the operation form process, our experts will stand with you. Any expostulations will be met with an immediate response from our end. When the enrollment process is complete, you ’ll be informed instantly.

So, reach out to us for a Legal metrology instrument online enrollment for weights and measures.

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