How can I change my birth certificate's gender?

How do I change my Aadhar card’s gender section?

People now rely heavily on Aadhars as a means of identifying themselves. It is thought to be the largest identification project ever undertaken. It is essential that the information in the Aadhar be accurate because it serves as a form of identification and address proof for every Indian citizen.

However, an Aadhar Card can only be modified or updated a limited number of times. In 2019, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) made the announcement that the number of times that individuals could update information on their Aadhar cards, such as their name, gender, and date of birth, would be limited.

However, you need not be concerned because we have laid out everything in an easy-to-understand manner. Our staff will guide you through the entire procedure and ensure that your Aadhar card is informed. Figure out more by perusing on.

Change of Gender in Aadhar Card

The Aadhar card, which is a 12-digit identification number, is issued to every Indian citizen. According to the official UIDAI website, Aadhar Card holders can now update their gender, date of birth, and name online. The data on the Aadhaar card must match the data on the PAN; You won’t be able to link your PAN to Aadhaar otherwise.

As well as revising spelling (phonetically indistinguishable), transforming one’s name after a wedding, and evolving short-structure to full-frame, individuals can refresh their names in the event that the change is minor. People can only change two areas at a time, such as gender and name, for a fee of 50 rupees.

Gender information can only be updated once, according to the memo. The holder of an Aadhar Card may be required to update their gender more than once at the regional office of the Unique Identification Authority of India.

How Does Outstanding Handling Get Handled?

Follow these steps if you need to change the gender more than once:

* The only place a person can change their gender is at an Aadhar enrollment or update center.

* Because the number of times it exceeds the limit, the individual must send an email or postal request to accept the gender update to the regional office of the Unique Identification Authority of India. A photocopy of the URN slip, information from the Aadhar card, and any other relevant evidence must be presented along with an explanation of why the plea should be granted. Please contact via email. Please be aware that, unless otherwise specified, individuals are not required to physically visit regional offices.

* The UIDAI regional office must conduct due diligence to determine the legitimacy of the gender update request. The UIDAI regional office may request additional information from you or conduct a field investigation.

* The gender update request will be forwarded to the technical center for reprocessing or processing if the regional office determines that it is genuine.

* Kindly note: The gender update request may be turned down if the department does not adhere to the specified formats and procedures. If the gender change form is rejected, a new application must be submitted to the department. To guarantee that no mistakes are made and that all legitimate necessities are met, counseling a lawful specialist is ideal.

Documents Requirement for Gender Change 

The following documents are required for gender change on an Aadhar card:

* Self-attested copies of two passport-size photographs and a self-attested copy of an ID (such as an Aadhar, passport, or voter ID) are required. 

* The applicant’s statement of authenticity must be signed by the applicant and two witnesses.

* a letter of application and the fee for registration. For individuals to change their gender online.

The Unique Identification Authority of India requires a registered cell phone number. For the purpose of Aadhar verification, only registered cell phone numbers will receive a One-Time Password (OTP).If this has not been done, you need to go to an Aadhar Seva Kendra or an Aadhar update/enrollment center.

How to change an Aadhar card’s gender 

Follow these steps to get gender change in your Aadhar card:

* To update your Aadhar, visit link and select “Update Aadhar.” Selecting the option to “update demographics data online” is the next step.

* The next step is to update your Aadhar card’s gender information. Enter the captcha code that is displayed after logging in with your 12-character Aadhar number. Entering the password is required.

* The option to “update demographics data” must now be chosen. Tap the “gender” option after selecting the gender data field from the menu. The portal will send you a one-time password from your registered cell phone number and the documents it needs to correct or change your gender.

* After you continue, a brand-new tab will open. You must enter the exact gender and upload all valid documents from your laptop or desktop. The scanned document cannot be larger than 2 MB, and the images must be in pdf, jpeg, or png format. You will receive a one-time password on your registered cell phone number after entering the captcha code.

* You will be required to pay a fee of Rs50 using any of the available digital payment options. You will be able to download the application and receipt as soon as you receive a successful transaction text message. There will be a clear indication of the new and old genders.

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