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How to Change Your Company Registered Office

In addition to the registered office, a company can have a head headquarters, branch, factory, and administrative office. The registered office of a company is the place where all business-related communications take place. Thus, while the registered office of a company in India has to be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the company’s other branches and offices may not have to be notified to the ROC.

ROCs determine a company’s domicile based on its location in India (state of incorporation). ROCs are defined by the state or region where a company’s registered office is located. Changes in registered office addresses must be reported to ROCs within 15 days of the change.

Registered office addresses are important

Private limited companies must establish their registered office and submit the necessary paperwork when incorporating. The following document list is a list of documents that are required during incorporation:

  • Property tax receipt/electricity bill/water bill
  • A letter of authorization from the landlord is required if the property is rented
  • The landlord and the company enter into a lease agreement to determine rent.

The Companies Act 2013 also allows a company to register a temporary address if a registered office has not been determined at the time of incorporation. The registered address must be specified within 15 days of incorporation by filing form INC22.

Changing the Registered Office Address

An INC 22 form is filed by a company that specifies its registered office. In the event that the company’s registered office changes within the same city, town, or village, the change must be reported to the ROC within 15 days.

In case the firm is moving its office out of the city, town, or village limits, a special resolution must be passed by the registered office. In order to change in registered office of company from one ROC jurisdiction to another, it must be approved by its Regional Director. For more information, contact our experts.

Registered Office Change Types

There may come a time when a company wishes to move its headquarters. If this occurs, an advance notice must be given. The MCA has established procedures for changing an address, which must be followed.

Address changes for the registered office include

  • A metropolis within a metropolis
  • As long as the ROC and the state are the same
  • Other ROCs operate in the same state
  • Changing states.

Within the Same City

  • First, a board meeting and a resolution must be passed by the company
  • Upon passing the board resolution, the company must file a form INC22. It must be filed within 30 days of the start date of the company’s operations.
  • In case the space is rented, attach the lease agreement, the owner’s NOC, and the utility bill.

As long as the state is in the same ROC as the company

  • Company directors must submit Form INC-23 to the regional director for permission if they wish to move their registered offices between ROCs
  • Regional directors must file identical confirmations with ROC within 60 days of their confirmations
  • A change of address must be validated by the ROC within 30 days of filing.

To other ROCs within the same state

  • There are two registrars of companies in large states such as Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu
  • Changes in the company’s address may result in ROC changes as well
  • Therefore, when such a change occurs, there is a different procedure.


1. How can I change my registered company address in India?

In accordance with the same RoC and the same state, the registered office of the company is changed within the city, town, or village where it is located, but not within the local limits of it

  1. The special resolution was accompanied by a board resolution.
  2. The Special Resolution must be filed with Form MGT-14 within 30 days.
  3. As soon as possible after the Special Resolution is passed, by filing Form INC-22.

2. How does a company change its registered office?

Companies House must be notified of the change using form AD01. This form is available on the Companies House website. A web-filling service may also be used if the company already has an account with Companies House.

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