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Investment Pitch deck | Business Plan

Investment Pitch Deck – an Overview

Entrepreneurs should prioritize creating a strong investment pitch deck before attempting to secure funding for their business. This pitch deck is a crucial component of the financing process, as it significantly increases the likelihood of securing funding by generating interest in the business concept and prompting discussion.

An investment pitch deck is essentially a presentation that provides potential investors with information about the entrepreneur’s company. This pitch deck can be referred to as a business pitch, investor pitch, or investment business plan, and typically consists of slides that succinctly illustrate the company and its potential for success. Creating a business proposal or investor pitch is similar in many ways to creating a proposal for a client.

Advantages of Having a Investor Pitch

Convince the Investors

The business pitch is a presentation that allows startups to showcase their potential for success in a clear and concise manner. This presentation is designed to be easily understood by bank executives, private equity investors, and other interested parties. The main objective of the business pitch is to increase mental clarity for potential investors, by highlighting the unique selling points of the business and demonstrating its potential for growth and profitability. By delivering a well-crafted business pitch, startups can capture the attention of investors and increase their chances of securing funding.

Equity Funding

As a technologist, it’s important to have a strong understanding of how to build products, but it can be challenging to effectively communicate your vision in a way that resonates with potential investors. That’s where a business pitch deck comes in – this presentation is essential for closing funding rounds and conveying the business potential of your technology. The investment pitch deck is a versatile tool that can be updated and customized for different purposes and time periods. In addition to serving as a funding strategy, it can also function as a powerful marketing strategy for the company.

Build the Roadmap

The founding team of a business can use a pitch deck as an internal document to monitor progress and establish performance benchmarks over time. Besides serving as a means of securing investment, a well-constructed investment pitch deck can also serve as a framework for developing a concise and actionable small business plan. By carefully crafting the pitch deck to target specific customers and investors, the business can refine its goals and create a more compelling and effective strategy for success. Ultimately, an effective investment pitch deck can help the founding team to align their vision with the needs of investors and customers alike, ensuring long-term growth and profitability.

investment pitch deck

What Does a Business Pitch Contain?

Elevator Pitch

Provide a concise and impactful overview of your startup, including the problem it solves.


Outline your solution to the identified problem.

Market Analysis

Offer insights into the market and the opportunities it presents.


Describe how your business stands out from competitors and why it is poised for success.

Business Model

Explain how your business will generate revenue and achieve growth.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Outline your strategy for customer acquisition and achieving substantial growth.

Current Traction

Provide details on your current traction and key business metrics.

Founding Team

Offer an overview of the domain expertise and background of your founding team, along with key advisors, partners, or investors.

What Paperwork Is Necessary for an Investors Deck?

Enterprise Plan

A business pitch is a written proposal that details the goals and strategies for the future of a company.

Technical Documents

A business owner who is launching a technology-based venture or a medical venture may be asked by an investor to provide relevant documentation. Investors might seek the advice of a specialist to assess the potential of the technology. The company must provide further information, documentation, and details on its operations.

Documents Concerning Financial Issues

Every company is required to perform financial business forecasting. If an investor is interested in the company, they will require detailed financial projections for the upcoming years. This will allow the investor to understand the underlying assumptions of the forecast.

Various Documents

Investors are interested in reviewing the hiring plans and associated documents along with the costs of payroll, R&D, manufacturing, and marketing. An entrepreneur must provide a comprehensive report of sales, profit, and loss forecast to the investor.

Information Regarding the Market

Providing data about the target market can help the entrepreneur address challenges. Investors may request such information about the target market.

How We Help with Business Pitch Preparation

Vakilsearch can develop a business pitch for your startup within a span of 15 to 20 days. This pitch can be used for your business plan or investor presentation.

Better understanding of your business

Our team of financial experts will collaborate with you to understand your business, proposed plans, and capital needs before crafting the business pitch.

Creating a business pitch

Our financial experts will use their understanding of your startup company, along with the information collected, to produce a business pitch for you.

Finalisation of the business pitch

Once the draft business pitch is created, you can provide your feedback or input to finalize and prepare the investor pitch.

Investment Pitch Deck Building Process

5 Working Days

We request startups to provide their business data in a proprietary format. With this data, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the business and its competitors, covering various aspects such as the company’s vision, business model, customer acquisition costs, revenue breakdown, and other finer details.

10 Working Days

We provide a preliminary version of the investment pitch deck in written form. Once the startup confirms, we can deliver a complete business plan within 10 business days that will visually impress potential investors or partners.

4 Working Days

We welcome any requested revisions from startups regarding the business pitch within 4 working days after providing the initial draft of the investment pitch deck.

FAQs on Investment Pitch Deck

What is an investment pitch deck?

An investment pitch deck is a presentation or document that provides a concise overview of a company’s business plan, including how the business model operates and how it intends to generate profits. Its primary goal is to persuade potential investors or clients to collaborate with the company by explaining why it is an attractive opportunity.

What are the tips to convince a client to invest?

Consider using a concise approach that focuses on describing the benefits of your product or service rather than listing its features endlessly. Speaking about your product in terms that your target audience can comprehend will help you persuade them effectively. In essence, inform them about what they stand to gain from it.

How long will the business pitch last?

Although there is no set rule for the duration of a new business pitch, the 18-minute rule has been proven effective over several decades. To ensure audience engagement, it’s recommended that you limit your presentation to 18 minutes and let the audience determine if they require more information.

What is an investment pitch deck template?

A typical investment pitch deck usually contains 10 to 20 slides, aiming to give a concise introduction to your business, business plan, and startup vision.

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