Role of Labour Lawyer

An overview of Labour Law Advisor in India

As a general rule, labour law and employment legislation are complex frameworks in any country and pose a compliance challenge for every company regardless of which country it is located. I know that sometimes it feels as though amendments and changes to the law are being made almost on a daily basis, but it is extremely difficult to keep up with it all and navigate through its complexity – especially for international employers who have to deal with such complexities on a daily basis.

As a result, having access to a team of legal experts in your destination is not only a great way of reducing the burden of a resource-intensive agenda but is also a great way to make sure you maximize your safety and minimize the risks associated with non-compliance in the future. In addition to this, it will also be helpful to you in maintaining the delicate balance in terms of rights and responsibilities between you as an employer and your employees in terms of the rights and obligations you have towards each other.

Our labour law services

In addition to payroll and human resources administration, we also offer a comprehensive labour law support service provided by dedicated legal advisors who are part of our payroll and HR administration departments. They are ready to assist your HR department to address the following issues related to employment relationships and labour law advisor related to the following positions:

  • Establishing procedures and guidelines for HR processes within an organization: Developing guidelines, policies, and procedures, and preparing a set of standardized templates for addressing human resources issues
  • An employment contract should be prepared in accordance with the legal requirements and best practices applicable to your country, which includes preparing contracts and amendments, job descriptions, termination agreements, liability for damage and material responsibility agreements, agreements on employee posting, etc., all in accordance with all legal requirements and best practices.
  • Work-related issues are resolved in all aspects of employment, including working time, shifts, employment terminations, mass layoffs as well as working conditions, annual leave, parental leave, health and safety issues at work, employee benefits, and other areas related to employment.
  • GDPR consulting services, including the preparation of all statutory documents as well as any specific supporting materials based on the internal rules and requirements of your organization.


A great deal of business has been baffled by the complicated and ever-changing statutory regulations. As an employee benefit and labor law consulting firm, we help our clients to protect themselves from the severe consequences resulting from non-compliance with the labor laws and regulations in today’s competitive business climate.

With our team of Labor Law consultants, we believe that it is our responsibility to make our clients familiar with Labor Law rules, educate them regarding their obligations and responsibilities with regard to compliance, and to safeguard them from the threat of connected litigation, which can prove extremely costly if not handled appropriately. The safety of our clients is a priority to us, and we ensure they remain away from any jeopardy or potential loss as a result of the expertise we offer in the field, as well as the experience and knowledge we have in regulatory and statutory compliance.

There are specific standards, laws, regulations, and ethical standards that must be met by a legal business. It has become increasingly difficult for businesses to stay compliant as a variety of new laws and regulations have been enacted in numerous locations, combined with the attrition of employees. The partnership with Prompt Personnel prevents severe legal and financial loss due to a lack of compliance on your part. The right Labour Law Advisors will ensure that you stay in compliance with your legal obligations and obligations. 

In addition to our expertise in labor law compliance, Prompt Personnel’s skilled team is here to assist businesses in focusing on their growth. One of our core strengths is our knowledge of multiple industries and domains with wide-ranging experience. It is our goal at Pan India to be able to connect to some of the brightest talents and potential business partners across the country because we have a large network of regional consultants in tier II and III cities. 

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