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Labor Law Terms: A Guide.

An overview of labor law terms:

There are several different types of terminology that are used in labour law, including the following: 

  • A new employee can be counted as an addition to an existing unit when they become part of it. 
  • It is also possible to have a process called advisory arbitration in which a report is issued in order to resolve any kinds of problems or disputes that are likely to occur. 
  • The fees associated with an agency, as well as the employees of the agency, are two factors.
  • In any arbitration of any kind, the parties who are in dispute are always expected to participate in a formal hearing as part of the process. The court produces evidence, legal precedents, and testimony as part of the process of proving a case. 
  • There is also attrition, which means the number of employees in any organization could decrease due to a death, an illness, or even retirement because of the reduction in the number of employees. There will be attrition among the workers in that case. 
  • Furthermore, a bargaining unit is formed by a group of individuals who have similar needs and who are able to bargain with employers for the same reasons as the bargaining unit. 
  • In addition, there are some other terms that can be used, such as a blocking charge, a base rate,, and a cafeteria plan.
  • Furthermore, there are two interesting terms that are used in the business world, such as bumping and business agent. Usually, the bumping deal involves efficient employees replacing those who are less senior in the company even when the competent employees are qualified to do the job at hand. Typically, the business agent is the one who is in charge of organizing the unions in the workplace. 
  • The terms card check and certification are also used in the industry of security, and they are both used in a variety of ways. 
  • It is also important to know that there is something called collective bargaining in labour legislation that relates to this. In a collective bargaining meeting, the employees present the demands of the employee group to the board, in order to discuss the wages, the working hours, as well as other benefits that should be provided to the workers. 
  • Additionally, there are instances when a confidential employee is used, in which the employee’s role is to keep and store confidential information and not to disclose it to anyone. As a result, they are not considered to be direct members of the bargaining unit and cannot even take an active part in the negotiations. 


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