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Optional Sides to include in the Pitch Deck

Your pitch deck should be brief, but you might need or want to include a few more slides to explain your company. They won’t likely be used by investors during your presentation, but afterward, they can be a great resource about the pitch deck for investors.

A couple of extra financial backer show slides are incorporated underneath.

Exit strategy Investors must be shown how they will benefit from their investment. An “exit strategy” slide can outline your potential acquirers if you are successful in growing your business. While some startups with high growth rates are able to go public through an IPO, others are more likely to be acquired by larger players in their industry.


The success of a company is dependent on important strategic alliances. This might be possible if you obtain intellectual property licensing from a university or from a crucial distribution partner who will market your product. If these kinds of partnerships are essential to your success, you should highlight them.

Demo and screenshots If you have a prototype, screenshots, or any other “show and tell” opportunities, include a placeholder slide in your deck where you can demonstrate to potential investors how your product works and what it does.

Additional documentation

 The pitch deck should be as brief as possible. In order to make an investment decision, investors do not require all of the information.Its main goals are to tell a story, get people excited, and make information requests and follow-up meetings easier.

If requested, additional information should be available alongside your pitch deck. Additionally, these additional documents can assist in ensuring that your presentation does not contain too much information.

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