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PTEC and PTRC Registration Process in Steps

The process of enrolling in the Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate and registering for the Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate in Chennai

In accordance with the Professional Tax Act applicable in , all businesses and professionals registered as taxpayers in the GST have started receiving notification and notification to register and pay professional taxes. As of recently, the law has been amended so that it applies to Limited Liability Partnerships and Partners.

How Do PTEC and PTRC Work?

Professional Tax Enrollment Certificates are called PTECs, and Professional Tax Registration Certificates are called PTRCs. In most states, these registrations are required to conduct business. Professional tax can also be paid by the business entity and the owner of the business with PTEC. PTEC enables companies to pay the professional tax of their directors and their companies, while individuals like professionals and sole proprietors must also register under the program (provided they do not have employees). PTRC, on the other hand, allows employers to pay professional tax certificate taxes to the government by deducting and depositing them from employees’ salaries. It is the responsibility of a regular company to pay its own professional tax, as well as that of all its employees, regardless of whether it is a PTEC or PTRC. If the Company or LLP does not employ any employees, it will only have to pay PTEC and not PTRC and pay Directors and Partners.

PTRC and PTEC are applicable to:

People engaged in any profession (business or service) but not partnership firms or HUFs must pay a professional tax of Rs. Every year after incorporation or the commencement of the business, the government charges Rs. 2,500/-. (LLPs and all companies are covered)

Every person who is obligated to deduct professional tax from any employee with a monthly salary above Rs. 7,500/- must obtain this certificate 

Upon becoming liable to pay professional tax, a person must apply for a PTEC or PTRC certificate within thirty days.

PTRC and PTEC registration follow the following steps:

  • Click on other acts and registrations on the website

Here is the screen you will see

  • Click on new registration under various acts, then select PTRC and PTEC

Select the process flow and click the next button

  • The new dealer should be selected – followed by selecting Next – and entering their PAN and captch
  • Your email and mobile will be used to receive OTP, and you will receive a temporary login and password via the email you provide
  • You must then select e-payments, after which you will be taken to a login screen
  • When you click change password, enter the current temporary password you received in the mail along with the new password you wish to keep
  • Click on the e-services tab, then select the VAT & allied acts tab
  • Register a new account by selecting the registration tab
  • The relevant act (PTEC/PTRC) should be selected – Next

Here we are selecting the PTEC act, if PTRC applies to your company you can select that.

  • The following 50 options will appear for the annexure: 


Certificate of Registration Grant

A TIN will be generated by the Registration Authority after verification if the application is correct and complete in all respects, along with relevant documents. When the application qualifies for registration, the date on which it was uploaded is taken to determine the purpose of the application at the effective date of registration.

The applicants will receive the registration certificates via email and post. They will not have to visit the MSTD offices or the certifying authority of digital signatures with the downloadable format.


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