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Trademark Registration in Odisha: A Guide

The Introduction

In India, Odisha is a state. There are many industries in Odisha that use trademarks. Odisha may have some industries that don’t use trademarks, but if you’re trying to register a trademark in Odisha, you need a clear understanding of what you want. This will ensure that your mark is registered and available for use.

The Purpose of Trademark Registration in Odisha:

The purpose of  Trademark registration in Odisha , are:
  • The protection of a trade name or service name from unauthorized use
  • A trade mark that has already been registered with the government can be protected by preventing others from using it
  • In order to prevent the infringement of another’s registered trademark
  • A company’s intellectual property needs to be protected
  • To prevent another business from taking a business’ profits

Trademark Registration Types: What Are They?

Trademarks are words, phrases, or designs that identify the source of a product or service. By trademark registration in india, you can use this name in connection with your products and services. Several types of trademark registration exist, including registered trade marks, unregistered trade marks, and industrial designs.

Trademarks that have been registered with the government are known as registered trade marks. You can use a registered trade mark on your products and services. In addition to protecting your intellectual property, you can also prevent others from using your ideas without your permission.

It is possible to use unregistered trade marks even though they are not registered with the government. Your ideas can be protected with them, and others cannot use them without your permission. The term “industrial designs” refers to designs that have not been registered with the government but may still be used. Their use in advertising and marketing can help you create unique products or services.

How to Register a Trademark in Odisha.

Step 1. Fill out an online trademark registration form.

Step 2. Odisha State Intellectual Property Authority will issue you a Trademark Registration Certificate.

When registering a trademark in Odisha, what can you expect?

During the online trademark registration process, you may be asked to provide certain information, such as your name, address, and contact information. Additionally, you will be asked to describe your product or service in detail. ISPAA will issue you a Trademark Registration Certificate once you provide all of this information. Detailed information about the trademark application and all supporting documentation will be included in the certificate.

Odisha Trademark Registration Types.

Odisha offers a few different types of trademark registrations. A few examples are given below:

You can register trademarks for services, including web design, web development, and search engine optimization, using Trademark Registration for Services (TRS).

In Trademark Registration for Goods (TRG), you can register trademarks that relate to goods, such as beer, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles.

Business Trademark Registration: Business trademark registration allows you to register trademarks for businesses like restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.


When creating a product or business name, trademark registration is an important step. Using a trademark protects your products and identifies them as yours. In terms of benefits and processes, trademarks can be divided into different types. The benefits of registering a trademark in Odisha are the same as those of registering a brand name elsewhere. Using a trademark in Odisha can also be quite simple – just follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go!

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