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What Is the Best Way to Verify a Caste Certificate’s Details or Status?

Caste certificates are issued to people belonging to India’s ST, SC, or OBC categories. The caste certificate status can be checked online after the application has been submitted. You will also benefit from this article if you are about to help someone you already know who has a caste certificate. There is the possibility of keeping track of the certificate’s active status and forwarding them this blog’s content if they are unaware.

We can verify the caste certificate status online through the Backward Classes Welfare departments in different Indian states. The first step is to visit the official website of the company in order to begin the whole process.

This blog will explain how to check the caste certificate status of you and your family members online. 

How to Monitor Caste Certificate Status Online?

Follow these steps to check your SC/ST/OBC caste certificate status:

The first step is to visit the official website

  1. Your state’s Department of Backward Classes Welfare website can be found by searching. 
  2. Once you click on the relevant browser search result, you must select the ‘Application status’ button on the homepage.
  3. A new page will appear on the computer user’s screen.

Provide the application number requested in step 2

  1. Your issued application number will be requested on the new page. Please enter that information in the appropriate field.
  2. Choose the search option.
  3. Your device will open another tab.

Step 3: Verify caste certificate status

  1. You will see the caste certificate status on your screen. Note it down.
  2. A hard copy should be obtained for future reference by the concerned person.

Three simple steps enable one to easily access status details as and when needed. 

How to check the status and details of a caste certificate?

Verifying the certificate details online requires the following steps:

The first step is to visit the official website

  1. You can find out more about the Department of Backward Classes Welfare for your state by visiting its official website. 
  2. You must select the ‘Certificate details’ button when you arrive at the homepage after clicking on the relevant browser search result.
  3. As soon as the computer user clicks the link, a new page will appear.

You will need to provide details about your caste certificate in Step 2

  1. You will find a place to enter the issued certification number on the new page. Please enter that carefully. You should use the updated caste certificate number.
  2. If the user provides the issuance year and name of the appointing board along with their old certification number, they can even provide their old certification number.
  3. Click on search.

The third step is to verify your caste certificate status with additional information

  1. There will be details about the caste certificate available for your reference.
  2. The person can check the active status of the caste certificate as well as other vital information.
  3. It is possible to acquire a printed copy of the document for future reference.

To know the caste certificate details and status online, you must follow these steps in sequence.

Caste Certificate Status Check Documents 

Let’s say you want to check your caste certificate application status online. The state council will issue you a certificate application code if this is the case. 

In order to verify the caste certificate information of any existing certificate, you must obtain the following information:

  • A new caste certificate number has been issued.
  • The number and issuance date of your previously valid caste certificate, as well as the name of the body that issued the certificate.
  • The issue date and your full name must be provided.

Applications and acknowledgement notes can be reprinted by following these procedures 

It is possible for the candidate to print the application more than once. In order to do so, he must follow these steps:

  1. Reprint the application/acknowledgement note by clicking the link. Select this option.
  2. Make sure you enter the application number correctly.
  3. Please enter the date of birth in the format mentioned above.
  4. Click on the search option.

Caste Certificate Application Details

As soon as you click the link for the application, you will be asked to provide a range of personal information. For your convenience, we have listed them here. Choose the district from which you are a member. From the dropdown list provided, select the subdivision option. According to what you want to apply for, select either ‘block’ or ‘municipality’. From the list of addresses, select the relevant one. 

In the next step, you will need to decide whether you want an OBC, sc certificate online apply certificate, or ST certificate. Then you are taken to a new tab. You must provide your name, father’s name, contact information, date of birth, and AADHAR details here. It must be mentioned without fail where you are from or where your village is. Next, fill in all the relevant fields with the address information. Follow the instructions carefully as you fill in the blank spaces.

It is necessary for the candidate to mention the religion he represents. The gender option must be selected. There is no requirement to enter information about blood relationships. Identify the existing certificate by its number that was given to its holder. Referees I and II should be entered separately. As well as confirming your immigration status, you need to confirm your citizenship. Last but not least, click the save to continue button.


Caste certificate status needs to be checked periodically to prevent future denials of benefits for the concerned candidate. You can verify your identity from the comfort of your home using a simple method. We hope you have gained a better understanding of how to verify details of a caste certificate online by reading this article.

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