How Does Nagaland's ST Certificate Work?

What Is the Difference between a Caste Validity Certificate and a Community Validity Certificate?

Castes and communities were the foundation of Indian civilization. The validity of caste certificate and community certificates has also been questioned. The people. What is the difference between them? In India, how important are they? Today, caste validity certificates and community certificates are more like proofs of membership to a specific community or caste. Taking a look at what it means, what it is eligible for, and what it is intended for. 

Cast Validity certificates: what are they?

Identifying an individual’s caste is done by obtaining a cast validity certificate. Further, this document verifies the individual’s caste within the country. The cast validity certificate can be used by the citizens of some states, such as Maharashtra, to avail various benefits. In today’s world, you can obtain a cast validity certificate online 

Get caste certificates from based on your needs. For the same, you can visit your nearest Seva Kendra. How do I qualify for this? Let’s take a look at the examples below.

Caste validity certificate eligibility

Caste validity certificates can only be obtained by people who are eligible for them. A valid caste validity certificate can only be obtained if the required documents are submitted. 

The following are some of them:

  • Certificate application form for the individual.
  • Proof of permanent residence of the individual. 
  • Verify your age and birth date with a copy of your birth certificate.
  • As proof of residency, please provide a copy of your ration card. 
  • Proof that you are earning an income.
  • Document proving the individual is an Indian citizen, such as a voter ID or electoral roll.
  • A passport-size photograph and an Adhaar card.

Caste validity certificates serve the following purposes

Caste validity certificates can serve a variety of purposes depending on the individual’s needs:

  1. Government jobs and their application process are governed by a reservation quota.
  2. Students belonging to the SC/ST can use the caste validity certificate for educational purposes, such as applying for scholarships and college admission.
  3. Caste validity certificates are also used to access various welfare programs provided by the State, the Federal government, and non-governmental organizations.

On the official website, you can track the application process online. In other words, it’s all about caste validity certificates, eligibility, and purposes. Let’s take a look at the Community certificate now.

Certificate of community involvement

Community certificates serve as proof that an individual belongs to a specific community, similar to caste validity certificates. Furthermore, it shows that people belonging to SC/ST/OBC are entitled to reserved seats for govt exams and other competitive exams like NEET, JEE Mains, etc. Community certificates come in two types: creamy and non-creamy. 

Community certificate eligibility

Eligibility criteria are also required for the community certificate. A community certificate can only be obtained if you are eligible and submit the required documents. 

In the case of SC/ST

  • A SC/ST certificate must be provided to anyone in your family who has an SC/ST background. 
  • As a second requirement, you must be a citizen of India. Furthermore, you must attach copies of your Adhaar, PAN, or voter ID in order to validate the same. 
  • The third requirement is that the individual must be at least three years old and up to 18 years old. Your date of birth certificate can be attached to prove the same.
  • Fourth, make sure you have intermediate qualifications. 
  • Please attach a copy of your marriage certificate if you are married.
  • Verify your residence in India by submitting your residence proof.

In the case of OBC

  • Firstly, the individual must submit a copy of the OBC certificate of anyone in the family who belongs to the OBC community.
  • Furthermore, two MPs/MLAs or councilors attest to the cast of the individual and their continuous residence in the city or area.
  • To prove that a person is a permanent resident of India, he or she must provide their residential certificate.
  • Verify that you are an earner by attaching a copy of your income certificate. 
  • Fees must be paid without fail. 
  • Lastly, there is no charge for processing the certificate. 

As a result, these are some of the eligibility criteria for SC/ST and OBC community certificates. Follow the steps above to get your community certificate quickly. 

Community certificates serve a variety of purposes

A community certificate serves a variety of purposes, just like a caste validity certificate. Additionally, the purpose of the individual depends on the need for the same. In government jobs and legislative assembly seats, it is used to get reservations. Students with community certificates are also eligible for discounted school and college admissions. Educational institutions also use it to obtain quotas.

A community certificate is also required for reserving jobs at banks and government agencies. Scholarships can be obtained by students with a community certificate. The most important benefit is that it can be used to obtain government subsidies. 

The National Portal of India website offers community certificates for sale, like caste validity certificates. For more information, you can visit your nearest Seva Kendra. It takes 15 days for the application to be processed. 


You can validate your caste and community by getting Caste validity certificates and Community certificates. The answer to the question “Are caste validity certificates and community validity certificates the same?” is very straightforward. Even though the names are different, the significance of both is the same in Government institutions and other educational institutions. 

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