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What Is the Process for Linking the Aadhaar Card to the Caste Certificate and Status Check?

Caste certificates will be linked to Aadhaar cards by the Government of India. Aadhaar cards are issued and modified by the Unique Identification Authority of India. As we know, at the present time, the Aadhaar card is one of the most important identification documents that are used in India for identification purposes.

Caste certificates are also extremely important for individuals as they serve as a tool for identifying who they are based on their caste. In addition to caste identification, it is also primarily used by the government in order to avail of any subsidies that are available. We are primarily interested in developing biometric data for underprivileged individuals as a means of assisting them. As a result, they will be able to access facilities that they are denied under India’s caste system. Once you have successfully linked your Aadhaar card to your bank account, this step will occur. All state governments have been instructed to issue caste and domicile certificates to the respective populations, particularly the SCs and STs. Aadhaar and cast certificates should be linked together, and this article explains how to do it. 

How does a caste certificate work?

Caste certificates identify individuals as belonging to a particular caste. In accordance with the Indian Constitution, this practice uplifts the backward classes, such as the Scheduled Castes. Scheduled Castes and Tribes receive Caste Certificates in order to bring about uniformity among Indian citizens. Under the Indian Constitution, these categories are granted special privileges as part of the system of Protective Discrimination. Backward classes and communities are required to present a caste certificate to receive such benefits. 

Linked Aadhaar and Caste Certificate Benefits

Education, politics, employment, and combating corruption can all be improved by linking caste certificates with Aadhaar cards. This initiative has been taken by the central government, and a notice has been issued to the state governments for compilation. By linking a caste certificate to an Aadhaar card, an individual can benefit from the following: 

The purpose of admission

The government provides multiple benefits to students through its allowance. Applicants to IIMs, IITs and other educational institutions and universities across India must link their caste certificates to their Aadhaar cards. The entire admission process becomes hassle-free once your caste certificate and Aadhaar card are linked. 


In addition to the UIDAI database, the state government also maintains a database pertaining to scholarships for ST/SC students. Those students who belong to economically backward classes will receive domicile and caste certificates from the state government.

Government Employment

It has always been a concern in every state that underprivileged SC/STs have access to job opportunities. In the past, reservations and quotas have been misused in part because caste certificates were not linked to Aadhaar cards. With information and authentication, the government can easily eliminate such malpractice.

Reservations in politics

The UIDAI issues Aadhaar cards to all Indian citizens, making it the world’s largest democracy. Any equitable political representation is made more clear by linking the Aadhaar Caste Certificate to the caste certificate. Seats for election constituencies are usually determined by population, which benefits the poor and weaker sections of society.

Combating corruption

Individuals who are Indian citizens have complete authenticated information on their Aadhaar cards. It is possible to eliminate corruption in a number of professions and aspects by linking caste certificates to Aadhaar cards. Individuals will be able to spot fake certificates they make to receive subsidies and reservations from the government. Because the government does not have control over verifying the legitimacy of the documents, it can tackle it to a great extent. A fake document can help you gain admission to some prestigious universities or get employment in the government. By using this procedure, the government can differentiate between fake and authentic documents presented by an individual.

All processes are handled by the state government. Aadhaar has been linked to caste certificates by the central government, however. A domicile/caste certificate is required for all students above the 10th grade. When the student is admitted to any institution, the process generally takes two months. The state government is responsible for maintaining the Aadhaar linking the domicile/caste certificate once students receive their domicile/caste certificate. Regardless of an individual’s educational background, the State Government is responsible for linking most backward classes.  

How do the Aadhaar card and caste certificate get linked?

When you register with UIDAI and get an Aadhaar card, you can link your Aadhaar to your caste certificate. Caste certificates are linked to Aadhaar cards by the State Government. Each citizen receives a caste certificate according to their category, such as SC/STs, general, and others. Aadhaar cards are available to everyone, regardless of class. The poorest and the most backward can obtain theirs as well as caste certificates. 

To link your Aadhaar Card to a Caste Certificate, you must visit the local government body or the Tahsildar office. While the current process might be a bit tedious, the government of India is taking all the necessary measures to ensure that the process will be completed with the minimum effort necessary with the goal of completing it successfully.

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