What Should You Know About Legal Metrology Certification Guidelines?

In A legal metrology system was implemented in 2009 to ensure that all weights and measures were accurate and uniform. To promote fairness in the business, standards have been set for manufacturing, importing, and regulating legal metrology certification. Legal metrology is responsible for protecting consumers from fraudulent traders. The metrology department is primarily responsible for keeping customers informed in the current business climate. For certification, however, a set of guidelines has been rejected for addressing individual business aspects. 

A number of guidelines have been determined as the yardstick for obtaining legal metrology certification. In addition to company registrations, importer registrations, types of licenses, and other pre-defined laws, the Legal Metrology department prohibits the use of illegal weights and measures. Meanwhile, legal metrology department’s major functions include discouraging short delivery, overcharging for commodities, or encouraging customers to avoid unstamped weights and instruments. 

Let’s look at the guidelines for legal metrology certification: 

Registration of Companies 

The Legal Metrology department registers all businesses that trade weighs & measuring equipment, regardless of whether they are manufacturers, importers, or packers. To protect clients from unfair and scrupulous trading practices, the Legal Metrology Act establishes a standard registration procedure for companies. As a result of this registration process, the organization can save time and effort in determining whether packaging, manufacturing, or importing authorities are authorized. 

Many Indian states allow companies to register under the Metrology Act through various portals. Where this facility is not available, companies must apply for offline registration. By providing comprehensive assistance in obtaining a legal metrology license, our technical team simplifies this process of company registration.

Registration of Importer

In order to operate according to the standard guidelines, individuals or organizations should apply for a Certificate of Registration of Importer. It is essential to ensure the business authenticity in the market as a reputable importer of measuring instruments. A legal metrology certification application must be filed under Schedule X of Rule 15 and obtained under Section 19 of the Legal Metrology Act 2009. The registration and renewal of licenses for existing importers is made easy at Piplbyte Infotech. 

Registration of Manufacturer, Importer, and Packers

Legal Metrology Department guidelines must be followed when labeling and registering weights & measuring instruments. To be compliant with the Legal Metrology Act, the labels of measuring equipment must comply with Rules 2011 and 2017 determined for packaged commodities. Legal Metrology Certification framework requires a company to register for packaging and warehouse or renew an existing license.

Types of Licenses

Legal Metrology forbids the acquisition of licenses and registering certifications for weighing and measuring equipment. There are a number of segments that need to be identified in order to obtain certification of legal metrology, including import, marketing, manufacture, and repair. In compliance with Legal Metrology Act, Piplbyte Infotech empowers our clients to obtain certifications effortlessly. Our services include the following categories of licenses:

  1. License as a Dealer
  2. License as a Manufacturer
  3. License as a Repairer

Model Approval 

The Legal Metrology Act requires that various models of weighs & measuring instruments be approved before they can be exported or sold. Model Approval is a certification issued by Legal Metrological Department for verifying the details and documentation of equipment. To obtain the certificate, the brand of the device or equipment must submit an application along with the authenticity certificate. All clients of Piplbyte Infotech benefit from a hassle-free model approval process. 

Stamping & Verification 

Legal Metrology’s 2010 enforcement rules state that the instrument should be stamped and verified before use. The whole idea is to ensure that the weighing and measuring instruments adhere to Legal Metrology standards. If you are looking for an easy way to obtain labels, stamps, or verification, then Piplbyte Infotech is here to help. 

Acquire Legal Metrology Certification from Piplbyte Infotech 

In In case you want to know how to address technical aspects of certification in accordance with the legal metrology act, contact Piplbyte Infotech. With extensive experience helping network marketers with comprehensive consultations, we are a leading MLM consultancy.

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